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Many of our new patients have not been to the dentist for a while. But even if you’re up to date on your routine checkups and cleanings, are you sure your dentist is doing all he or she can to keep your whole body healthy?

The first time you visit Everlasting Smiles, we will discuss your health history, past dental experiences, and any related anxieties you may have about dental care. To help us serve you best, we need to know what your expectations and needs are for treatment. Urgent concerns, like pain or a broken tooth, will be addressed immediately!

We Don’t Rush Your Care

Dr. William Ma with one of his patientsPlease reserve approximately 90 minutes of your time for your first visit with us. First, we will take a set of x-rays to provide a total view of your entire mouth, including the roots and bones. A periodontal exam will follow to evaluate your gum health, bone levels, and screen for periodontitis. If your gums have no swelling or deep pockets, we will continue with a preventive cleaning. Finally, Dr. Ma will determine whether you need any type of restorative treatment and even show you our findings with a high resolution intraoral camera!

"In my life, of all the dentist offices that I have been to, Venetta is 1 of 2 exceptional office managers! She is so experienced, organized & efficient. She provides accurate responses. If she does not have the answer, she gets it. Venetta, please do not ever leave.

Brenda, my/our hygienist, is very personable. When cleaning my/our teeth (and removing caffeine stains), she is very thorough. She is also very personable.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ma's for several years. I recruited my Mother (as a patient) several years ago. I have referred several people to this office, and I will continue to do so.

Since my/our last visit, a back massager was recently added to the patient's lounge chair. How nice!

Patients always leave with a nice goodie bag of sample products to try. (Thanks Brenda.

This office's level of customer service is excellent! (Thanks Venetta. She is EXCELLENT!) Venetta deserves a raise."
— Everlasting Smiles Patient Review

The Building Blocks of Overall Health

Evidence of gum disease or inflammation will make us take a different approach. Before regular oral care, your gums need to be healthy.

The same day you visit, we’ll perform a full debridement and schedule a deep cleaning for another day. After all, your gums are the foundation of your entire smile! Keeping them healthy is important to your cardiovascular health and overall wellness. Ask Dr. Ma about Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation, a breakthrough technique for restoring your gum health and appearance. Dr. Ma is a certified technician, and 3 of our staff, including our hygienist, are also certified.

Dr. William Ma smiling with a patientWe are passionate about overall health, and are very proud of our patients who allow us to take part in their whole body health. This photo is one of our patients who has lost over 150lbs by deciding to make a lifestyle change. He took up running to aide in his weight-loss journey. He weighed over 330lbs when he started this journey.

Let us help you make your overall health a top priority!

Save Time Before You Arrive

Do you dislike spending twenty minutes filling out paperwork when all you want is to see the dentist? Our new patient forms are available online right here so you can fill them out in the convenience of your own home!

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