Sedation Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens

Oral Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety, Dr. Ma may recommend oral sedation dentistry, such as a Valium or Xanax pill, prior to your visit. These types of medication help decrease anxiety by toning down activity in the parts of your brain that cause you to feel anxious or afraid. Remember, if you do take oral sedation prior to your appointment, you cannot drive before or after your appointment. Bring a friend or family member with you to make sure you arrive and get back home safely following your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Unfortunately, dental anxiety can keep many patients from visiting the dentist for checkups and much-needed dental work. If dental appointments make you anxious, Dr. Ma can administer nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) to help you feel more at ease during your visit. At Everlasting Smiles, laughing gas is administered using a mask, and you’ll be able to feel more at ease within minutes. If you have an upcoming visit you’re feeling anxious about, just ask if we can use nitrous oxide. Most of our patients are good candidates for this treatment.

At Everlasting Smiles, Dr. Ma offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you mask the appearance of dark, discolored, or irregularly shaped teeth.